Star Ceiling - Float Room

During your float, you have the option to gaze upon a starlight ceiling

Phone with Earphones

Play music at anytime with the touch of a button

Woman - Neuro Spa

Get the most out of your float by adding a NeuroSpa session

Couple - Float Room

Enjoy floating as a couple

Sensory Deprivation – Vancouver Float Tank

Pure Float is a wellness centre and urban sanctuary providing premium floatation and sensory deprivation therapy in downtown Vancouver. We invite you to unwind in our warm and spacious private float rooms and experience the many benefits floating has to offer. Let this be your time to relax, improve, heal and grow.

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1197 Howe street, Vancouver, BC
604 559 3999

What our clients say

“Thank you so much for hosting us! I had a great float. Definitely 20 years younger, aka -3 years old 🙂 “- Katherine

“The experience was wonderful, starting with an amazing welcome from Tirzah she was very helpful and also Violet over the phone. You have amazing staff. As per the floating i am signing up as a member looking forward to the next one :)”- Emma

“A well needed mini getaway after a hectic week, Thank you”- D.M.