Customize Your Float Spa Experience

We’re pleased to offer flexible floating experiences at Pure Float. Customize your floatation therapy by choosing a shorter or longer float session. If you’re seeking the maximum benefits of floating, we highly recommend a NeuroSpa session prior to your float. This will help you achieve calm and stillness and prepare you for a deeper level of relaxation during your float session.

All sessions must be booked before February 1, 2024

Pure Float Session

Essential Float 60 min

Step into your own spacious float tank, lie down in the still water, and settle your mind and body. Let your senses fade until you reach a state of peaceful calm. Sound, sight and gravity are no longer distractions, allowing you to fully relax and rejuvenate. Just one hour of floating is equal to six hours of rest!

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Float Tank Vancouver - Pure Float

Extended Float 90 min

Prolong your flotation therapy experience with an Extended float session. With all the same wonderfully relaxing benefits of the Essential float, this one is designed for beginner and experienced floaters looking for a little extra relaxation time. Try the Extended session and see where it takes you!

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Neuro Spa - Pure Float

NeuroSpa 30 min

Ideal on its own or just before your float, NeuroSpa is a unique kind of relaxation therapy that synchronizes your mind and body through the power of sound. Lie down in the cozy lounge chair as the first few minutes of music captivate your mind, followed by acoustic vibrations that move through your nervous system, soothe tension and gently melt away the stresses of your day.

If you’re adding a NeuroSpa session to your floating experience, please be sure to book it 45 minutes prior to your desired float time.

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Relax. Heal. Let go…

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