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There are so many float choices in Vancouver now. I’ve floated in various cities, mostly in various forms of sensory deprivation pods. However, what makes Pure Float unique are the large float rooms; the large surface area of the water and airy space remind me of floating in the ocean. I recommend Pure Float as an excellent place to try floating for the first time, especially for anyone who associates floating with claustrophobia since this is clearly a moot point in those high-ceilinged rooms. And for seasoned floaters like me, the polite/cheerful staff, clean environs and peaceful ambiance all contribute to a consistently great experience.

I always approach each session with an open mind and know that whether I have intense self-revelations, psychedelic hallucinations, or just a simple, restful nap in the middle of the day—it’s all good. There is no better use of my time!

Pure Float – great place to try out floating!  Therapy for the mind, body & soul!

I tried floating for the first time at PURE float and I had the most wonderful experience from start to finish.  The loose and relaxed feeling of the post-float glow is something that I’m still feeling 2 days later.   It felt blissful to get lost in the moment, be present with myself and let go. I don’t remember the last time I was this relaxed!

The staff (as well as Pure Float’s owner, Coy)  was welcoming and informative. I also had a chance to try a complementary neuro-spa mini session before floating which I will be trying again in the future – I want one of those chairs in my home! The float rooms are spacious, clean and private.  (for those who might feel that floating could be a claustrophobic experience – you’re not in a pod, but rather a large, high-ceilinged float chamber or room). The options to tailor your floating spa experience for your own comfort are many; lighting, starry ceiling, door open, music or not…I tried the variations throughout my float. I especially liked the starry reflections of light and kept the door open throughout.  The soothing sound of the water and your own breathing is therapy in itself.

It felt so good to lay back and float physically as well as mentally floating in and out of consciousness.  I definitely see the value in taking the time to fit a regular float in now and plan on doing so regularly.  My only regret is not having tried it sooner.


I had a wonderful experience in the float room.  I am, like most of us, assaulted by external stimulus and internal nagging thoughts and stresses all day long. It can be difficult to put down our phone or TV remote when we are so habitutated to using them at regular intervals.  Taking a dedicated time to unplug and willfully cut off such distractions can offer a pleasant surprise in the experience of experiencing uninterrupted tranquility. I found the sensory deprivation to be very helpful in assisting to create a space where there is peace and quiet as a foundation for mindfulness and meditative thought.  As a counselling therapist, I have recommended the practice to clients.

Noland Trombley

First time floating was amazing was kinda thinking of not going that day, but glad I did. I was in a car accident and have been in physio for 10 months and floating was the first time I actually relaxed in months. I highly recommend it for those people that are not sure cause it works. One more thing cleanest and Nicest people in town. Thanks again Coy.

Brian Macdonald

Bottom Line
Wonderful healing effect – this is true of the float, the space, and the staff.

I am convinced of the pain relieving effects of floating. Pain relief was the reason for which I decided to try Pure Float. Relaxation and a general feeling of serenity were a bonus. A one-hour float on 3 consecutive days when my pain was acute, had a cumulative pain relieving effect.

9 weeks ago I awoke unable to walk because of severe pain in my right leg. In fact walking, lying, sitting, standing were all painful.

The diagnosis by my physiotherapist, family doctor and massage therapist was a herniated disc.  This was confirmed by an MRI which showed severe herniation at L4-L5 with bilateral stenosis, and nerve compression affecting my legs.

I had heard of floating from a friend. About one-week after the morning that I could not walk, i hobbled my way to Pure for my first float. What a positive difference that float made to my hobble home! I went back to float for 60 minutes on each of the next two days, for a total of 3×60 minutes in 3 consecutive days. The positive results on the pain relief were cumulative. The floating also helped compensate for the many days of lack of restful sleep. My mind was back to feeling alert, and my mental state was less anxious than it had been for days.

Over the last 7 weeks, I have floated an additional 10 times. Within the last two weeks I have been able to give up all pain medication (not even needing regular Tylenol). I make a point of floating the day before I go to physiotherapy. Floating makes my body more amendable to the I.M.S and manual manipulation administered by the physiotherapist.

Floating has been integral to healing my back, as an adjunct to physiotherapy and gentle exercise. My physiotherapist has remarked that my progress has been faster than she would expect, in light of the severity of the injury.

Helena L

Pure Float is my one and only floating spa experience.  I don’t swim, nor do I like the regular spa treatments – massage, sauna, body wraps, etc.  But I’ve always enjoyed floating in shallow water – and Pure Float gives me that experience, along with the added benefits the Epsom Salt provides.  It’s a delightful experience in a private serene environment – and you don’t get claustrophobic as you would if you floated in a pod or a tank.  I can’t say enough about how relaxed and joyful I felt after only one treatment.

Wendy F

Relax. Heal. Let go…

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