Sensory Deprivation & NeuroSpa

First visit

Each of our float rooms comes with a private suite focused on your journey to wellness and relaxation. Enjoy our many amenities including towel service; showers with complimentary shampoo, conditioners, body wash; hair dryers and other personal necessities; and a selection of organic teas in our restful lounge area. If you have never floated with us before, here’s what to expect and how to achieve the greatest benefits from your sensory deprivation experience:
Pure Float Reception

Before you arrive

1) Avoid shaving the day of your float, otherwise you might feel a slight sting on the shaven area.

2) Don’t drink any caffeine, as this might make it very difficult to relax during your float.

3) Try not to over hydrate yourself.

4) Eating a couple of hours prior should be fine, but floating on a full stomach could be uncomfortable.

Arrival & orientation

If it’s your first session, please arrive 10 min before your appointment begins, so that our helpful staff can answer any questions you might have and take you through an orientation about floating and proper procedures.   If you’ve used our services before, please arrive 5 min before your appointment.  We recommend that during this time you use the washroom if needed.


If you have chosen to enhance your float experience with a Neurospa session, you will relax in the Neurospa at this time.

Before you float

Enter your own private room, remove your clothing and jewelry and take a shower.  Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash will be provided in a dispenser on the side wall.  After you’re finished, open the door to your float room and slowly get in.  Once inside, grab onto the side rail, and lie down in the water.  You’ll notice right away that you’re floating on the water due to the high concentration of epsom salts.  Next, position yourself in the centre of the water. Ensure your arms and legs are comfortable.  If you like, you can turn the starlight ceiling and under water lights off or leave them on and gaze at the stars as you’re floating! The light controls are located inside the float room for your convenience.  Finally, exhale, relax your neck and allow your head and body to float as you begin your journey into deep relaxation.

Post float

At the end of your session, tranquil music will start to play, indicating that you should exit the float room. At this time, sit up, turn on the light, grab the side bar, and stand straight up. Exit the float room, and enter straight into the shower. Use the shower to rinse off the epsom salt water from your hair and body by using the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash provided in a dispenser on the shower wall. After, get dressed and exit the room. If needed, go to the vanity area where we have large mirrors, hair dryers, and other helpful post float products.

Feel great!

Have a seat in our lounge area, enjoy a cup of tea, and reflect on your tranquil experience. Leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated!

Relax. Heal. Let go…

Call us at 604 559 3999 or schedule online a sensory deprivation session today!