Float Through Your Exams

My brain needs more available room please, help me rewire. Clear for potential pathways!

Stress to me is comparable to pain, it distracts, and is a symptom. It takes away the ability to be mindful and aware.

Yes, it’s exam time! As I prepare for my 4th-year final exams in Osteopathic Manual Practice, I am thankful for sensory deprivation and floatation therapy. Exams are stressful and on top of a busy schedule (I feel for those with children) it’s easy to get overwhelmed, have anxiety, lose sleep, and perspective.

After a float, I enjoy the calmness and clarity of my thoughts. A door closes and quiets a part of my mind. I feel as if my senses are honed and I am available to focus on what is important for me. There is no noisy brain, only simplicity, and softness that guides me towards a more productive and enjoyable purpose.