A Dip into Sensory Deprivation

Like many people, I first learned about floating while browsing Joe Rogan’s podcasts on youtube. He describes the experience as “the most important tool I’ve ever used for developing my mind”. Well, that sold me. I immediately searched for floatation spas near me. No luck. It wasn’t until nearly two years later that I finally got my chance to float.

My attraction to floating was likely sparked by my interest in meditation. The ability to calm the mind, and focus on the present moment has always been skills I’ve tried to cultivate. Floating seemed like the perfect addition to my practice, and I was extremely excited to see how the two differed.

My first float was a unique experience. Very rarely do we get to feel weightless and totally deprived of our senses, and even with the previous research I had done, my float was a totally unexpected adventure. As I imagined, I was able to reach a deep state of relaxation. What surprised me, however, was how fast I was able to get there. While meditating, you are exposed to a wide variety of external stimuli which can make it difficult to reach that stage. I found that floating offered me the opportunity to explore the layers of my mind much faster and much longer than a normal meditation session.
Entering the world after a float session is always exciting. Sounds are more noticeable, colours are somehow more vibrant, and your mind feels completely at ease. My recent sessions at Pure Float have been especially beneficial. Pure Float is currently the only establishment in Vancouver that offers float rooms (as opposed to float tanks or pods). I’ve found that with the extra room I feel much less claustrophobic and much more at ease.

While every single one of my floats has been different, they all have something in common – I always come out feeling refreshed and happy that I set aside the time to be alone with myself and escape the distractions of everyday life. If floating sounds as intriguing to you as it did to me 2 years ago, I encourage you to stop by Pure Float and give it a go!