Stretching and Rolling While Floating

I know many of our customers stretch in the float tank, as I do, but I wonder if they have tried rolling yet? Recently I began exploring the art of rolling in the float room.

A few weeks ago after I had gotten my fill of quiet time and was expecting the music to come on, I began to wonder if I could actually rollover. For those who know what float tank water feels like, they understand there exist different rules to movement and buoyancy and that such a move would prove to be a great floating feat.

I challenge you to explore and see if you can do it. It requires that you lift the head and gently turn to look as if looking over your shoulder. The eye movements are a must, as they subtly help the head and create the extension in the back needed to roll. The head has to be lifted also so that when you are on your stomach you don’t get a mouth full of saltwater. If you are continuing to turn, you need the head to lead the movement back.

Cross the arms over your chest and crossing the legs helps as well (play around because if you cross one leg rather than the other it’s not possible). In 10 inches of water, there isn’t much room for dangling limbs and the drag on the spiral has to be minimal. Limbs would get in the way of you becoming a graceful merperson.

I managed to do 2 turns only in one direction before I got out. The coordination in the opposite direction is going to require more attention for me. I felt successful and that I was one step closer to my aquatic ancestry from the far distant past.