Healing Meditation Inside a Float Tank

It’s been almost a year since I first tried sensory deprivation. I have heard numerous stories regarding customers’ experiences in the float tank, which I enjoy. Sometimes I wish that I could speak to them a day or a week later to hear more about what they sense, see and feel once they leave the doors of Pure Float.

In the float tank, I go through a regular unwinding time and then I fall asleep. When I come back into an awakened state I notice intense activity in between my brow. The first few times I brushed it off and thought maybe I was frowning or contracting some muscles. Now I am pretty sure that there is some cerebral activity going on in that third eye spot. All I can think is how cool is that?! I have a sensorial bindi.

I haven’t yet heard of anyone having a similar experience. I guess that is what makes it unique is that everyone has a different experience, it enhances something special inside of each individual in the flotation tank and afterward.

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