Floating – Movement Through Stillness

I am surprised it took me this long to be introduced to floatation therapy. My path was destined to lead me to this unique experience and community at Pure Float in Vancouver.

I come from a world of movement, having trained in classical ballet and had a career as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. I love music and movement and the stimulating environment that envelops the dancers’ lifestyle. With this comes the inevitable injury, rehabilitation, and recovery that can be tough.

I have searched for different ways to keep myself in shape physically and mentally, to ensure that I would be in a state where I could take on any of life’s challenges without ‘rocking the boat’.

My first time floating I felt secure and safe to allow the passage of time. It was enjoyable to be in this sensory deprivation state. I slipped in and out of consciousness, had time to notice how supported my body felt, to look at the starlight sky (I sometimes like to leave it on), and picture myself floating through a seamless peaceful world.

Afterward, I noticed shapes and colours to be more vibrant and a deep calmness, for me different from feeling ‘relaxed’. When I resumed my teaching dance the next day I felt as if a reset button had been pushed. My body was ready to demonstrate steps and movement and my mind clear and unfogged.

My perceptions slowly alter as I gain experience, in the outside world there is no need to ‘try’ and be calm, I simply am.

The float room will always match what I need, the water meets me all the way.

Erica Trivett