Why Float in a Float Room?

There are many different ways that you can experience sensory deprivation such as float tanks, float pods, or float rooms. Although each device does the same thing, we’ve found that the float room has a few extra benefits. Here are some of the features that you can expect when floating in a float room.


floating tank

In an independent study done by Ocean Float Rooms, it was found that less than 50% of people were comfortable with the smaller float tanks or float pods typically offered by floatation spas. At Pure Float, we have eliminated this fear by providing float rooms that are over 50% larger than float pods and capsules. Each of our five float rooms measures 8ft in length, 6ft wide, and are high enough that you can easily stand up and walk around.


floating room

In addition to more space, the large and light side-opening doors and internal grab handles make getting in and out of the room a breeze. This is especially convenient for those experiencing muscle soreness or reduced mobility. In comparison to float tanks and float pods which offer top hatch lids, our doors are easy to close and open. Our private, light-sealed rooms also allow you to float with the door open while achieving all the benefits of sensory deprivation.


Floating tank room

Once in the float room, you will notice several wonderful features – the first of which is the starlight ceiling and mood lighting. Over 100 LED lights sprinkle the ceiling of each room, which is a great option for those who want to ease into complete darkness. The float room’s interior is lit by twin underwater LED lights in a rich, vibrant blue. Both the starlight ceiling and mood lighting can be controlled from inside the room, enabling an effortless transition from light to dark.


Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about our float rooms is the advanced heating system. As you enter into a deep relaxation state your metabolism slows and you become more sensitive to temperature, so the ability to maintain a stable water temperature is of the utmost importance. The heater operates at or near skin temperature, releasing a subtle, gentle heat into the water when needed. Compared to traditional tanks and pods, this heating process is silent and completely free of EMF radiation which leads to a more comfortable and peaceful float.

The combination of precise temperature control, larger rooms, and efficient air circulation decrease humidity and condensation within the room. This allows for a more enjoyable floatation experience.


All of our float rooms contain water that has been forced through a membrane to remove large particles and minerals, also known as reverse osmosis. This process filters out contaminants such as lead, arsenic, and nitrates. Our water is passed through a filtration system three times after each float and is sanitized using a brominator.

The extremely high water purity, in conjunction with our Epsom salts (imported from Europe and recognized as the highest FDA grade), provides the cleanest and most sanitary environment for your float session.


Floating is a wonderful way to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. These positive effects are cumulative, so be sure to float regularly!