Float Session in Vancouver: Message from The Owner

First off, I’d like to welcome everyone to Pure Float. We’ve been working very hard towards getting this shop open and I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished. From the designers, construction crew, suppliers, and all my friends, family, and supporters that helped along the way, I am truly grateful.

A bit about our history…like all ventures, there’s always a motivation for opening a business and specifically in my case, a floatation therapy spa. For me, stress and anxiety played a key factor. This is something I’ve dealt with in the past and something I still try to manage. To overcome stress, it’s very important to educate yourself about relaxation methods, diet, triggers in your daily life, and basic biology. As I was researching, I came across floating or floatation therapy. After reading a bit about it, I was instantly fascinated with the whole concept of shutting off all my senses and letting the mind and body fully relax and heal. Sounds great, right?

From here, I knew I wanted to try floating firsthand to see what it had to offer. For me, it was a tranquil and peaceful environment with no distractions. I was floating weightless with an unbelievable sense of calm. Afterward, my body felt loose and the tension and tightness in my shoulders and back had disappeared. My mind was fully relaxed and it seemed to last for days. I kept on floating and soon after I knew this was an experience I wanted others to benefit from float sessions as well. So, with some time, a lot of hard work, some creativity, and help from great people, Pure Float was born.

We have an amazing team of staff at Pure Float that truly cares about you and making sure that you have a great experience. Our spa offers Ocean Floatrooms, the very best float rooms imported from England. They’re beautiful inside and out, spacious, and even offer a starlight ceiling for anyone who would like to do a bit of stargazing while they float. To complement our float session, we’re also offering five NeuroSpa sound therapy chairs that use sound and vibration and synchronize them together to take you through a relaxation journey. The combination of NeuroSpa and floating for me is ideal.

I feel very fortunate that my personal journey to wellness has brought about an opportunity for others to experience floating. Try it and you’ll understand. Try it again and again and you’ll start to realize that the results are cumulative.
Happy floating Vancouver,